Sumatra Decaf City Roast


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Decaf Sumatra is just the best decaf I’ve ever found. It has more body and flavor than any other origin. It’s a really enjoyable decaf, and is one of the few Decafs that is available with Fair Trade and Organic certification (so that’s the one we buy). I’ve discovered that Mountain Water Process (the Mexican plant) is less bitter and more flavorful than Swiss Water Process (the Canadian plant). This is the Mountain Water Process (MWP), and we are very happy with it. It starts cracking a little bit sooner than caffeinated Sumatra, but otherwise, treat it about the same. As a general rule, decaf does better in City and darker roasts, and Sumatra is naturally a good candidate for Both of these, so we take it about 15 to 30 seconds into the second cracks to get that dark full bodied rich smooth mug of coffee.