Uganda Bugisu Dark Roast


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Uganda Bugisu coffee is not your “Typical African” mug of sweet fruity acidic  tones.  It is low acid, even mildly earthy and bold tasting in darker  roasts.  It’s our suppliers #1 best selling coffee.   It’s one of our favorite origins to support, and here’s  why:

The Bugisu co-op is the only organic certified coffee in  Uganda, and it’s also Rain Forest Alliance Certified. These beans are  grown near a town called Sipi Falls, which is near Victorian Falls and  several other waterfalls — one of the most beautiful places in the  world.  The Ugandan people need our support to improve their processing  mills, afford certifications, and attract larger buyers so that their  industry can continue to grow and get better reputations.  Supporting  this co-op’s efforts is essentially  supporting all of Ugandan’s  specialty coffee industry, and every year this crop tastes better and  gets bigger.  It’s a mug of coffee you can really be happy about.

We  like to do this coffee as dark roast, 25-30 seconds into rolling second  cracks, and it’s a mug of coffee that tastes like a triple picked  premium Sumatra Mandheling.  We sometimes like it as a Full City Plus  roast of 10 seconds into second cracks, and it’s a rich mug of coffee  with raisin cookie, figs, brown sugar, baker’s cocoa.